Macfie links:

  • Thorburn-Macfie Family Society in Sweden - very well done site with sound and other multimedia effects. President - Ulf Macfie Hagman Esq., Bavergiljan 12, 451-54 Uddevalla, Sweden

  • MacFie Clan Society of America includes membership information, Clan history and more. President - Rev. Jim McAfee, 420 Ash Drive, Baxter, TN 38544 USA

  • Clan MacFie information on Janet McKay's site in Nova Scotia

  • The MacFie Clan home page of Windsor, Canada

  • Colonsay Homepage

  • Corncrake (Colonsay Magazine)

  • Links to sites about Scotland and things Scottish:

  • Scotland On-Line (for one stop shopping)

  • Scotsman On-Line

  • Highlander Web Magazine in Scotland

  • John Suffill's Histories of the Clans

  • The Gathering of the Clans

  • UK-GOLF: The golf course on Colonsay

  • West Highlands and Islands of Argyll on WebLink in the UK

  • The Inner Hebrides

  • Scottish and celtic festivals, gatherings, clan reunions, and other events around the globe.

  • Gaelic Language and Culture with links to other Gaelic-related sites

  • Scottish dance with cribsheets for reels, jigs, Strathspeys and hornpipe.

  • Scottish Shopping High quality Scottish products.

  • Bagpipe Web, with links to top pipemakers, articles about Scottish dancing, recordings of Ceol Mor, worldwide piping related organizations, pipe bands around the world, classified sections for buying/selling pipes, useful addresses, Uileann pipes information list, lots of piping tunes, and links to other piping resources.

  • Highland Embroidery by Janel Harris with locations throughout the United States.

  • Castles, Kilts, and Kayaks: Exploring Scotland's West Coast

  • Ron MacKinnon's Scottish Links, a large list of links to sites about things Scottish and Celtic

  • Some information from the Cyberscot column by Marilyn Marshall in the Macfie Tree. Marilyn maintains the GAELIC-L mailing list (to subscribe, send an email to [email protected], leave the subject line blank and write in the message area: SUBSCRIBE GAELIC-L your name)

    Scottish and MacFie Reading List

    Cathey Family History and Genealogy, Vol 1 (1700-1900), Boyt Henderson Cathey, 1993

    Most Catheys in America are descended from James Cathey, who emigrated from Ireland in 1718. James was part of the Scots-Irish or Ulser Scot immigration to America that occurred throughout the 18th century. The Scots-Irish had emigrated from Scotland to Ireland in the previous century. This 579-page book provides details of the genealogy of the descendents of James and other early Cathey emigrants from 1700 to 1900. A second volume will extend to the present. Contact the author for information.

    Colonsay and Oronsay In the Isles of Argyll by John de vere Loder (1935, reprint 1995). Available from Kevin and Christa Byrne, House of Lochar, Isle of Colonsay, Argyll, PA61 7YR, UK. Telephone/fax: 01951 200232

    Highland Warrior, Alasdair MacColla and the Civil Wars, by David Stevenson, The Saltire Society, 1994.

    Bygone Lochaber by Soinerled MacMillan, K & R Davidson, Glasgow, 1971.

    Colonsay and Oronsay, by Norman Newton, 1990. Available from Kevin and Christa Byrne, House of Lochar, Isle of Colonsay, Argyll, PA61 7YR, UK. Telephone/fax: 01951 200232

    How the Irish Saved Civilization: The Untold Story of Ireland's Heroic Role from the Fall of Rome to the Rise of Medieval Europe, Thomas Cahill, Doubleday, 1995.

    Albion's Seed: Four British Folkways in America. David Hackett Fisher, Oxford University Press, 1989.

    Highlanders: A history of the Scottish Clans, a large "coffee table" book with lots of photos by Fitzroy MacLean, Viking Studio Books, Penguin Books, New York, 1995.

    The Scotch-Irish: A Social History, by James G. Leyburn, The University of North Carolina Press, Chapel Hill, 1962. About the Scotch-Irish who emigrated to American in the 18th century.

    The Crofter and the Laird, John McPhee, 1970


    Genealogy Links

  • US GenWeb project

  • World GenWeb project

  • Genealogy Links for Historians from H-GIG (Horus Gets in Gear) World Wide Web Links to History Resources presented by the Department of History, University of California, Riverside

  • National Genealogical Society

  • Genealogy Home Page

  • Isle of Man - Genealogy Resources

  • The Scottish Genealogy Society