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The slideshow is launched on opening with default settings, a panel of buttons on the left side of the screen. The top right button labelled Stop stops it, while the top left button restarts and counts the seconds until the next picture. With a slow internet connection it will tell you what is loading.

The slideshow can be viewed either as a random draw (AKA shuffle) or sequentially; clicking the Change Mode button toggles between these two.

The Select Month button provides a menu of starting dates and automatically shifts to sequential mode. Mouseover brings it up, and moving the mouse away makes it disappear a second later.

Clicking the Set Pause button provides a menu of pause times, determining how long each picture is displayed in seconds.

Clicking the Width button lets you resize the picture to several standard sizes. Note that the default is the available screen size, or 1200 pixels, whichever is smaller. Sometimes the readout is incorrect in Google Chrome (e.g. width of -170) but works in other browsers.

Clicking the Recent History button provides thumbnails of the ten most recently displayed images. Clicking on one reverts to that image. Note that clicking on the Recent History stops the slideshow; it can be restarted using the Start Slide Show (top left) button.

The file number and the date of the current picture are displayed next. The same date appears in the upper right of the screen as well.

Clicking on the picture itself conceals or reveals the left rail menu of buttons. This is very useful!

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