The current draft has been formatted with a 1/2 inch gutter, alternating sides, to facilitate back-to-back binding.

I strongly advise having copies bound at a copy shop for the students. I have yet to meet a student that just wanted to read it on-line; students like a physical copy. Even with top-of-the-line binding, the total cost to the student comes out at around $15. At most universities, local copy shops will produce a bound packet and let the students purchase it directly from the copy shop, thereby minimizing professorial house-keeping. Moreover, if you have additional materials like old exams or additional reading, you can have those bound at the same time (and if they are made freely available under the CC license, you can include them with the text, but otherwise if they are not made available to others, then you should bind them separately).

Meanwhile, these schmucks claim "In accordance with Fair Use of Copyright: WE FORBID ANY REPRODUCTION in part or in whole of The North Country Gazette." This is a dramatic misuse of the term fair use, which explicitly provides circumstances in which one can use copyrighted materials without permission! And from an alleged "investigative journalism" publication, to add irony to the mix.

The rocket scientists at the North Country Gazette are back in the news again, threatening people who read more than one page of their rag. This is more defensible that their previous idiocy.