The Macfie Clan CrestClan Macfie


Clan Macfie is one of the oldest Scottish Clans with a history going back before records were kept. The ancient name for our clan is Macdubhsith. While literally meaning "dark man of peace", sithe is also the term used for supernatural beings that populated the islands and the highlands and the tern dubh or dark also had mystical and supernatural connotations. The ancestral homeland for the Macfies are the islands of Colonsay and Oronsay in the Western Isles of Scotland.

In 1623, Malcolm, the last Chief of the Clan Macfie, was captured by the infamous Colla Ciotach MacDonald. He was tied to a standing stone, known as Carraig Mhic a' Phi at Balaruminmore, on our ancestral island of Colonsay, and summarily shot. The Clan Macfie was dispossessed of its lands and dispersed as a "broken" Clan.

That is, until 27th May 1981, when the Clan was reactivated and again formally recognised as an "active" Clan by the Lord Lyon. Macfies all over the world celebrate that day as a new 'birthday' for the Clan Macfie.

As there was no hereditary Chief, a Ceann-Cath or Clan Commander was appointed to head the Clan. The current Clan Commander is Alexander "Sandy" C. McPhie who resides in Queensland Australia.


Colonsay: Our Ancestral Island Home